Choose Your Poison

Choose Your Poison is an interactive musical composition presented as a computer game. It pulls together elements of Kate Raworth’s Doughnut, Stockholm Resilience Centre's Nine Planetary Boundaries, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to portray the environment in layers of sound, each layer representing a different aspect of the world. Based on “confidence of risk” data for the UK, the layers will respond to the player’s in-game choices, and together sonically paint the environmental effects caused by them.

This work is not a scientific document - the trade-offs posed in this game are, in reality, more nuanced and complex. Choose your Poison is a means of expressing the broader consequences of certain actions in a non-verbal way, while providing an opportunity for the player to explore their personal balance of ethics. It does not wish to define right or wrong answers, and as such is a game which cannot be won or lost.

Headphones are recommended.

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